AS Beauty Room

Permanent Eyeliners

Whether you opt for subtle or dramatic, transform your morning routine with this get-up-and-go specialized treatment.

The eyes are an extremely sensitive area. Since the eyelid is the thinnest skin on your body, great precaution is taken to insert pigment as delicately as possible without laceration.

My painless handheld technique mastered over 20 years will allow you to get on with your day directly after your appointment.

Choose from the following styles:


stops where your lashes naturally end. We’ll consult in-depth regarding your preferred width, colour, and personal needs.

Eyelash Simulation

is a stippled line applied along your lash line to create the illusion of fuller lashes. There’s no actual physical line or stripe visible on your skin’s upper and lower lid.

Cat Eyeliner

is a popular upward extension of the outer corners of the upper lids, giving your eyes a dramatic lift. It can either be inserted as an exceptionally fine wing to mimic a sweeping lash or be much bolder if you want to make a statement!

Duo Eyeliner

invites an interesting pop of colour. Standard black liner is applied first and your colour of choice finely worked exactly above the black liner on the upper lid. You can alternatively opt for black liner on the top lid with an alternating colour on the bottom lash line, like teal, green, purple, or white.

This interesting combination enhances the colour of your irises, delivering a showstopping look. If you have botched eyeliner needing correction, I specialize in this remedial treatment. Because of the skill required, you’ll be charged full price with a touch up booking following your first appointment.

Millions of women around the world opt for permanent eyeliner. Apart from being smudge proof, permanent liner defines your eye shape beautifully and is a convenient long-lasting solution that accentuates your natural beauty.

Life is messy. Your liner doesn’t have to be.