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Lip Liner & Full Lip Procedures

Love talks. Even with closed lips.

Lip liner emphasizes the perfect mouth shape while the full lip procedure involves pigment inserted over the whole area, giving your lips permanent colour. Choose from natural enhancing hues, deeper tones, or bright tropical colours to suit your desired look.

Whether your natural lip line lacks melanin which impacts your mouth shape, or you feel your lips are too thin or pale – or you’re just tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day – this flattering treatment will give you plumper looking symmetrical lips

Extreme care is taken to insert pigment into this delicate area. It’s a highly skilled procedure requiring intensive knowledge and precision – my technique has been honed with over 20 years of practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Painful?

I highly recommended that you book a total nerve block with your dentist prior to our appointment.

Exceptions can be made for the lip liner procedure if you have a high pain threshold. For an extra fee, I’ll administer local topical anaesthetic to control sensation.

What's A Dental
Nerve Block?

My friendly dentist (or your chosen dentist) numbs the entire mouth area, as if you’re having dental work done. It’s a very quick appointment, directly after which you’ll arrive for your completely painless lip procedure. Please kindly note the nerve block is at your cost.

What if I'm Afraid
Of The Dentist?

Local topical anaesthetics are frequently applied during your treatment if you prefer not to visit a dentist, ultimately controlling all sensation. An extra surcharge is added to the final costing of your procedure for the alternative medication.

Gorgeous lips, no matter your choice of enhancement, guarantee a polished look – they’re where the music of your words echo out into the world. So, choose beauty. Speak beauty.
Permanent makeup expert and trainer with more than 20 years’ experience Gauteng, Pretoria