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Have Any Questions On Permanent Makeup?

Frequently Asked Questions

A new procedure is 90 min – a touch up is 60 minutes

No, I have sourced the best possible anaesthetics that I use prior to and during the procedures. All my clients find the treatment comfortable and often relaxing

I insert the pigment using an ancient technique, using a hand held tool. No trauma is caused to the client or skin. Guarenteed. I skilfully use my tool to perform eyeliners, powder brows, micro blading brows and lip liner treatments. No electrical equipment is used, no blading the skin.

After care advice is given and you are advised to keep the area lubricated for 3 days only. As no skin trauma was performed many clients go back to work the same day as the procedure. This includes eyeliner procedures. Lipliners need 3 – 4 hours post procedure to have full sensation back after the anaesthetic.

Yes, in my experience my cancer clients want to look their best as soon as possible and it makes them feel more confident in their appearance. Eyebrows and eyeliner simulation are the preferred treatments. It is imperative that well designed brows are inserted to accommodate the natural new hair growth post cancer treatments. The pigment however may be affected and not last as long, with other individuals it is different, each person has their own unique healing process. Clients usually have the procedure done after the worst IV treatments are completed. Terminal medications have the same effect, each individual heals and holds pigment according to their personal internal chemistry.

A touchup renders the procedure as complete. Permanent makeup is a two-step process. The touchup fills in gaps [ or holidays ] where the skin removed pigment and ensures the final results last for many years. Pigment molecules [ molecules of colour ] are built up in the skin giving the final look it’s true colour. Colour correction can also be done with final touchup, some clients are afraid to go too dark with brows and with the touchup I have the opportunity to deepen the clients shade on request. If the clients skin is very oily, or impermeable during a treatment a second touchup is sometimes required. This is rare but possible. Incorrect aftercare may also result in the loss of initial completed procedures.

I have mastered a unique technique to gently insert pigment by not blading or cutting the skin. No trauma or discomfort is experienced at all.

No, each client is carefully consulted on what their personal preference is. I design the eyebrows before the procedure is performed and my clients first give their final approval. Pigment or ink colours range from the softest blonde to the darkest brown. All images taken post treatments are always darker than they heal. During the healing process colour in the skin will soften from 20 – 60 %, again varies from person to person. This is also an important factor for following up with the much needed touchup.

Many of my clients do not know what suits them. It is therefore imperative that you be in competent, professional and skilled hands. Expert advice builds a bridge of trust and my clients expect stellar results. I study the facial shape, skin undertone, natural facial bone formation, skin type and hair pattern [ if the client has hair ]. The personality and lifestyle of my client is also important. Some clients prefer soft natural hair strokes where others opt for a bolder, makeup look. Every person is a unique individual and styles and preferences matter. This applies for eyeliner and lip liner too.